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The "URBS" collection is a generative tiling experiment that explores and expands on the urban design concept of Broadacre City by Frank Lloyd Wright from the early 1930s. This exploration employs its color palette from an artistic movement that was architecturally popular around the same time, Art Deco. While Broadacre inspired the shapes and distribution of objects, the randomization of the Art Deco secondary color gives the perception of depth to the image highlighting specific elements of the image. Broadacre City was developed under the guise of each person/family being given 0.40 hectares of land (hence the 140 Tiles limitation) that they could use in whatever capacity they choose. The tiles represent a variety of city planning options for those plots of land, broken down into 3 main categories: -Public (outdoor) spaces (circles)
-Private (indoor) spaces (squares) -Circulation (road/path) spaces (lines)


Each generative tile has the following set of principles that guides its creation

Canvas size: 1500 x 1500px
Public spaces (circles): 10-600
Private residences (squares): 20-100
Circulation paths (lines): 100-900

Stroke strength: 1-11px
Map Color:
Primary Color:
Secondary Probability Color:
Secondary color has a 25% chance of being in a public space, private residence, circulation path, or none of the three options.

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