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post/m collection


the 'post/m' project is a generative nft tiling experiment that explores the postmodern style inspired by the architectural and design movement that flourished in the 1980s-1990s. Through an evolutionary lens from the early 20th century 'de stijl' design movement and 'm-cm' design movement. The project's conceptual development was inspired by Robert Venuri's Vanna Venturi House and the First Chair by Michele De Lucchi.

post/m is part three of a three part project entitled "Study of Modernism in the 20th Century"

the rules

each generative tile has the following set of principles that guide its creation

canvas size:
           max 900 x 900px
array allocation:
           Columns: 6min - 11max, 

           Rows: 6min - 13max, randomized
canvas fill probability:
postColor fill probability:

            hex#DEBF1B: 0.077 (yellow)
            hex#CC562B: 0.077 (clay)
48B281: 0.077 (mint)
494687: 0.077 (plum)
437E9C: 0.077 (slate)
            hex#000000: 0.231 (black)
            hex#D6D2C5: 0.077 (gray)
            hollow: 0.307 (h)
corner fillet:

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